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Compressed Gases

The Aero ALL-GAS Company has been providing compressed gases to Connecticut and the southern New England region for four generations. Established in 1941 we continue to provide the highest quality compressed gases and welding products available.

At The Aero ALL-GAS Company purity is our business! From the most complex medical mixtures to the helium that goes in your party balloons rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality compressed gases on the market.

We supply medical oxygen and other gases to Connecticut's premier medical facilities.


Whether you are the most advanced welder or a weekend warrior, our full service showroom in Hartford, Connecticut has any need covered. We stock thousands of feet of welding rod and wire as well as welders, tips, cutting torches, welding apparel and much more! At Aero ALL-GAS we strive to make our showroom your one stop shop for all of your welding and compressed gas needs!

Aero ALL-GAS can provide ultra high purity, UHP, gas for your testing or research lab along with dewars or liquid bulk tanks.

Don't forget CO2 and Bar Mix for your taps. Whether you need to charge your keg for a backyard party or operate the latest hot spot, we can keep you supplied with the compressed gas you need.