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Restaurant Propane

Commercial kitchens have very specific needs. Our licensed technicians will survey your propane gas requirements and recommend an installation for your gas needs. Give us a call at (800) ALL-GASS to make an appointment or discuss your needs. From fireplace feature to cook top and oven, ALL-GAS can hook you up.

Many of the most acclaimed restaurants in Connecticut, including all three of the superb Billy Grant restaurants, rely on ALL-GAS for their propane needs, so can you. Whether you need a Napoleon torch heater for outdoor dining or want to use propane for cooking, heating and hot water in your business we can make it happen. Propane is more cost effective than electric and cleaner than oil.

A propane backup generator is the most reliable solution for powering your business during blackouts. No matter the weather, your customers can enjoy their dining experience with minimal interruption. Propane does not go bad over time, so you only need to replace what you use. There are no concerns about moisture in the fuel or having to measure additives to minimize aging that reduces performance. ALL-GAS is a one stop source for your backup generator needs.

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