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Heating with Propane Heatingpropane is more efficient than with electricity and cleaner than oil. It is the environmentally and wallet friendly way to heat your home. Let ALL-GAS answer all your questions and help you enjoy New England winters in warmth. Give us a call at (800) ALL-GASS to find out more and discuss your options.

Propane is a non polluting heat source and very energy efficient. The cost per BTU is significantly lower than electricity, as much as 50% less expensive in most markets. Don't be fooled by electrical company's quoted price per kwh, they're not adding in all the other fees and taxes that roughly double the average consumer's electrical bill in CT.

In a power outage your propane supply can even fuel a generator to provide electricity for the whole house along with the minimal electricity used in a propane fueled heating system for fans and control circuits.

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