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Traditional Water Heaters

ALL-GAS features American Standard water heaters. Their innovative designs bring modern safety and reliability to traditional water heaters. Combined with ALL-GAS's one stop service you are getting the best products and the best service possible.
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Why Traditional?

The biggest reason to choose a traditional system remains the up front costs, particularly for an existing home. Traditional water heaters can cost less than half of an equivalent tankless system. Likewise, when replacing an existing unit the transition is quick and easy.

Modern American Standard tanks are a big step up from older units. improvements in recent years include meeting Energy Star guidelines and faster response to water use. American Standard uses a glass lined tank and a magnesium anode to prevent corrosion from contaminating your water and wearing out a tank.

Proven and Now “Green”

Traditional water heaters have recently started meeting the Energy Star guidelines, offering new levels of efficiency and cost savings over older units. Between the energy savings and potential rebates a new propane fueled water heater can quickly pay for itself while improving your quality of life.


Quick and Easy Savings

Replacing your old water heater with an efficient propane fueled unit installed by ALL-GAS is one of the best upgrades for an older home. Our highly trained professionals will handle the change over and you will quickly see the difference in your energy costs even when replacing an older propane or natural gas unit.