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Propane Installation

Propane is a safe and reliable source of heat, more efficient than electricity and cleaner than oil.

Our qualified technicians provide start to finish installations for any propane gas need.

From a simple fireplace upgrade to a whole house change over our technicians and customer service representatives will make it a smooth and easy transition.

ALL-GAS is now offering start to finish installation of propane generators. We are teamed up with a skilled electrical company, making ALL-GAS your one stop shop for whole house generators.

Our licensed technicians can help you with any propane gas installations, and strive to provide you with the highest quality service, 24 hours a day. As a family owned business we know that our customers are what matter.

We offer a wide variety of tank sizes and accessories for both rental and purchase to meet any need. Boasting licensed service technicians, we can service any gas appliance and install full propane systems both commercial and residential.


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