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Propane Outdoor Use

Direct piping your grill; patio heaters and even gas lighting can make your outdoor living luxurious and hassle free.

ALL-GAS stocks patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces, in a wide variety of styles to suit any lifestyle. We offer the complete service from purchase to installation and propane supply.

All you have to do is decide what you want and enjoy. We service and install many models of pool heaters.

Call us at (800) ALL-GASS or via email and start enjoying better outdoor living with propane.

If you already have a propane tank we can direct pipe your grill and other outdoor features so all you have to do is turn them on. Never worry about running out during a BBQ. Relax and enjoy, knowing that ALL-GAS will keep you supplied with automatic deliveries.

If you don't have a propane tank installed for your home and only need to supply your grill or patio features we can provide a discrete 60 gallon tank and refill it as needed. No more hauling multiple tanks in for a fillup. ALL-GAS will come to you.

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